Chancel House, London

Space Airconditioning plc, Daikin's only independent UK distributor, recently supplied Franklynair Ltd. of Pall Mall, 23 VRV-II heat recovery condensing units and 245 ducted fan coils, providing 975kW of cooling for a refurbishment project in central London. Chancel House is a 6 storey 1960's building covering over 7,000 sq metres. The installation had to be completed to a strict six month program, which in some instances required the necessity of 24-hour working. Franklynair carried out the works over a number of floors simultaneously to enable the continuous installation of indoor units and ensure the work was expedited with the minimum of disruption.

The fan coils arrived on site complete with unique Space Air accessories providing simple ductwork connections and remote sensing which assisted with the stringent time-scale.

In addition Space Air fitted all the outdoor units with gauges, before delivery, for ease of future maintenance and to eliminate possible gas charge loss during servicing. Furthermore, after installation Space Air engineers commissioned the system to ensure the equipment was operating at maximum energy efficiency.

The M & E Consultants WPPM of Sunbury on Thames , designed the project around Daikin's VRV-II heat recovery system due to its application flexibility and energy efficient inverter technology. FXSQ ducted fan coil units were utilised in association with existing grilles, an ideal solution for the open plan and smaller office areas. The whole system is controlled and monitored by Daikin's Intelligent Manager; a sophisticated computerised control system, which in conjunction with watt metres will monitor the running costs for the separate occupiers and provide remote system observation by the facilities manager.

Planning started in March 2004 with work on site commencing in January 2005. This included stripping out the original water-based system, wet cooling tower and approximately 200 redundant indoor units. Some areas of the building were unoccupied which made installation relatively simple; the occupied floors were addressed outside normal office hours.

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