Multi V VRF. A1 class R410A

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Heat Pumps & Heat Recovery  12 - 268 kW
Air to Air . Air to Water . Water to Water




History of LG VRF system   (click on any image or link for further details
From the moment when LG introduced Korea’s first residential air conditioner in 1968. As a result of sustained improvement, LG VRF launched the first generation of MULTI V™ in 2006 and achieved significant development. With the world’s top-class compressor and innovative technology competency applied on every part, cycle and controlling solutions, it has evolved to be one of the world’s most efficient and reliable VRF Systems.

2 pipe 12.1~15.0kW Cool/Heat/DHW

2 pipe 12.1~33.6kW Cool/Heat/DHW

3 pipe 15.5~18.0kW Cool+Heat+DHW


2/3 pipe  22.5~269kW Cool+Heat+DHW

2/3 pipe 17.0~225kW Cool/Heat/DHW

  VRF Line-Up Indoor - Outdoor - Accessories (click on any image)


Certification & Compliance

LG equipment manufactured to ISO 9001 & 14001
EUROVENT Certified & ETL Compliant





 Dual Sensing Tem/Hum                  Black Fin Protection                                     Comfort


              Efficiency                              Multi V5 Compressor                 Heat Recovery Box (HRU) Sim C/H


   Mini HP 2P                       Mini Heat Recovery 3P                                         Control





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