HRV Heat Recovery Ventilation

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LG Heat Recovery Ventilation (ERV) has an extensive range and 80% Total Energy Efficient Systems. 

The range consists of 7 models, ranging from 250 m³/hr (69 L/s) to 2000 m³/hr (555 L/s)

ERV also available in 3 models with DX Heating & Cooling coil and 3 models with DX & Humidifier Connectable with VRF Systems.

Unique Wall Mounted HRV 180 m3/hr (50 l/s)


MIA Ventilation is a new addition to our HRV and Ventilation range.

- Unique Wall Mounted HRV 180 m3/hr (50 l/s)

- Ducted HRV 150 - 8,500 m3/hr (40 - 2,360 l/s)

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