Disappointing glitch in RHI

In response to the recent RHI delay due to the high biomass tariff, Neil Afram, Managing Director of Space Air is disappointed. “Is the government interested in giving any incentives? Reducing energy does not appear to be a priority to them, but rubbish collections are and they can justify £250m funds to encourage Local Authorities to change to weekly collections, but not capable of suspending just the Biomass proportion of the RHI”.

“However they find a reason through its NGO’s to back-track on priorities such as creating glitches for the RHI, giving ridiculous excuses for postponement. Also the disgraceful attitude with FIT promises of 43p per unit for the next 25 years now changed to 21p for the next 25 years, this is going to create a lot of confusion and lack of confidence. A property that gains 43p per/unit will have more value than a property that has 21p per/unit, furthermore 25 years without insisting that there should be maintenance contract, warranty or manufacturers guarantee is flawed with disasters! How will they know that the systems are working correctly in the years to come?”

The big questions for Neil Afram are “Who is running the energy policy in the UK? What are their qualifications and where are they getting their information? As far as I am concerned” said Afram “we’ve been at it with Industry associations for over 10 years, the government have not listened to industry representatives or manufacturers, nor have they acknowledge significant technology advancements all we get is blame the European Commission and/or political parties.”” 

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