Daikin Multi-Split Systems - The Benefits

The multi-split range offers a number of valuable benefits in terms of application flexibility, inverter technology, higher efficiency and year round comfort conditions ~ at the same or lower prices than 2011 from Space Air.

The multi-split systems has a wide indoor unit range offering market leading flexibility. All the indoor units can be controlled individually and most can now be controlled online. They also offer greater capacity with various capacity options across the multi-split range leading to ‘The Snowball Effect’.

Multi-splits have energy saving features include inverter technology which helps to create the perfect indoor environment at lower operating costs. They can provide a cheaper alternative to selecting multiple one to one modular applications.

Easy installation with the multi-split as they only having to install one outdoor unit, means only one power supply, saving installation time and money.

Ask Space Air for prices as many are now the same or lower than 2011!

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