Mini VRV Systems - The Benefits

Mini VRV (VRV III-S) systems from Space Air are ideal for residential and Small commercial applications. 1 outdoor unit can connect to up to 9 indoor units. A wide variety of indoor units are available. The Mini VRV systems are highly efficient and bridge the gap between multi-splits and conventional VRV systems.

There is a number of benefits with the Mini VRV one being how energy efficient it is. The Mini VRV has inverter technology, which enables compressor speeds to respond in relation to demand. This reduces energy consumption by over 30% compared to traditional on/off systems.

There is a wide range of indoor unit styles to choose from with the Mini VRV such as; wall mounted, concealed ceiling, floor standing and cassettes each different model capacities and styles that can be combined in multi system applications, optimising selections according to room requirements.

Individual control to all indoor units is available with the Mini VRV and there is the option to connect up to 9 indoor units from 1 outdoor unit, therefore reducing installation space and costs.

The Mini VRV has an exceptionally wide operating range and offers long pipe length capability which

provides greater flexibility of system design and application.

The Mini VRV is the ideal solution for residential and commercial applications.

Further Information — If you would like more information on the Mini VRV please contact us on 0845 319 1980.

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