Optimal design and comfort for bedrooms

Daikin has released a new wall mounted design range to meet the most demanding requirements of the modern bedroom for both design and performance. These units will provide perfect comfort while, at the same time blend unobstrusively with the décor.

Discreet & modern design

The discreet and modern design of the unit matches all interiors. Its smooth curves blend beautifully into the wall, resulting in an unobtrusive presence that integrates beautifully with contemporary bedrooms and other small spaces. The sleek and functional design is complemented with a high quality finish in matt crystal white.

In bedrooms, silence is even more important than in living areas. Therefore the new wall mounted models were designed to operate almost unnoticed. With sound levels down to 19dBA Daikin ensures a good night’s rest.

15 class unit for smaller rooms

To accommodate the current trend for smaller bedrooms and better insulation, Daikin extended its range with the 15 class wall mounted unit delivering exactly the right level of comfort in the smallest rooms of the house. Where a 20 class was needed before, the new 15 class can now provide the necessary comfort with a lower airflow and noise level increasing the overall comfort. Moreover the new range including the 15 class unit gives you more flexibility to distribute the capacity of multi outdoors, including the new 3-port 40, thus providing the perfect comfort combined with the modern design to the entire house.

Excellent performance

Thanks to Daikin’s never-ending quest for greater efficiency, the new series delivers top performance. The inverter technology adjusts the power used to suit the actual requirement to realize significant energy savings and provide maximum comfort, resulting in an ‘A’ energy label for the entire range. Further energy savings can be realized thanks to the weekly timer and the intelligent eye, which automatically activates the economy mode when no presence is detected.

With its discreet and integrating design, whisper quiet operation, high energy efficiency and correct dimensioning, the new wall mounted range is truly the perfect solution for bedrooms or other small places. 

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