Self Cleaning Round Flow Cassette

Self Cleaning technology reduces routine maintenance, enhances comfort and can improve efficiencies by up to 50%. Optional infrared presence and floor sensors offer afurther 27% reduction in energy use.

The round flow cassettecan be equipped with a special filter that cleans itself once a day, ensuring consistent, optimum efficiency. The dust collected during daily cleaning is stored in a dust box that can hold up to 12 months of dust, annual or bi-annual cleaning is all that is needed. Efficiency gains of up to 50% can be achieved.

There is also an optional presence sensor which can save up to a further 27% in energy use and allows the system to dynamically respond to room occupancy. If the room is empty, air conditioning can be automatically switched off. When the room is occupied, air flow is directed away from occupants for draught-free comfort. The floor sensor ensures even temperature distribution between ceiling and floor, improving comfort.

The optional closable flaps makes it possible to achieve 2-way, 3-way and 4-way flow patterns, allowing the round flow cassette to be installed in a corner, next to a wall or in a confined space. There are 23 possible air flow patterns, and since the flaps can be easily closed via the wired remote controller, you will never need to change the unit’s locationwhen rearranging interior building space (with BRC1E52 wired remote control).

The round flow cassette is designed for all sizes of buildings; commercial offices, retail spaces, restaurants, hotels and other applications. Space Air offers advice and support on all projects.

If you would like further information on Space Air round flow cassette contact us on 01483 504 883.

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