AHRI Certification for Daikin Chillers

Original Press Release Date: October 2014

AHRI Certification for Daikin Chillers


Space Air is pleased to announce that the performances of Daikin air-cooled EWAD-C and water-cooled EWWD chillers in the extensive Daikin range, including those manufactured in Europe, are now certified by AHRI (American Heating and Refrigeration Institute).


Daikin air and water-cooled chillers are already certified under the Eurovent certification programme and many feature on the Energy Technologies List, however AHRI certification is also recognised at international level.

This important achievement provides customers with proven and certified chiller performance data over a much wider product and capacity range than is covered by Eurovent certification.

Moreover AHRI not only certifies the chiller performance but also the manufacturer’s selection software thus providing evidence that the tested performance matches, within specified tolerances, the selection software data output.

The Eurovent standard scope for air-cooled chillers is 0-600 kW cooling capacity with an option to extend to 1,500kW (50Hz only) - AHRI certifies from 0-2,110kW (50 & 60Hz).

For water-cooled chillers the Eurovent standard scope is 0-1,500kW cooling capacity (50Hz only), whereas AHRI certifies from 700-8,790kW at 50Hz and 0-10,500kW at 60Hz.


For your copy of the latest Daikin Chiller portfolio please email: marketing@spaceair.co.uk

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