Improving our operations!

Space Air’s IT department is constantly developing different processing systems for customers and products that enable us to document, provide and assist you.

What does Space Air do for you?

Space Air has a dedicated IT department that has developed a database, using a cross-platform relational database application called FileMaker, which holds all of our data and allows us to create quotations, invoices, orders, track products, accounts, find order history and hold articles which are uploaded on our website and much more.

We also have FileMaker Go, an app version of FileMaker developed to allow our engineers to access FileMaker whilst on site. This development enables our commissioning engineers to access any data they require via their iPhone or iPad.

Space Air have downloadable literature available online through your customer login area. This development allows you to access press releases, product information and our brochures. This is available as and when you need it.

The IT department has created a system that enables us to issue e-mails to our entire customer database. We can send you our latest press releases and product information much more easily and efficiently. The results of this help us keep our database up-to-date and sending the right information to the right people.

We have just set up an out of hours telephone system for certain departments, this allows you to leave a voicemail at any time. Your message will automatically be sent via SMS to engineers and by email allowing us to receive your message quickly and respond.

If you would like further information on the services IT offer, please contact Space Air on 0845 319 1980.

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