VRV IV Benefits Consultants

The VRV IV offers a variety of benefits for consultants that help reduce overall costs, improve visual aesthetics of the building and maximise space for commercial use.

Features of the VRV IV that benefit consultants, for example:

Wide Operational Range

The VRV IV system has a wide operational range, operating in cooling mode between -20°C and +46°C and between -25°C and +15.5°C in heating mode.

Flexible Piping Design

A standard VRV IV offers an extended piping length of 165m (190m equivalent piping length) with a total system piping length of 1,000m. The height difference between the indoor and outdoor unit can be up to 90m without any additional kits. Smaller refrigerant pipes take up less space in rises and ceilings.

No Structural Reinforcement

The outdoor units of the VRV IV are sufficiently light and vibration-free eliminating the need to reinforce floors, therefore reducing the overall cost.

Intelligent Touch Manager

The intuitive climate controller can be integrated with intelligent control solutions for a variety of different applications. Supplied complete with enclosures and other monitoring systems.

Space Air Services

Space Air offer’s comprehensive project support services to ensure longevity of equipment schematic drawings, bespoke system design, commissioning, health-check, manufacturers warranty, 5 Year Guarantee.

If you would like further information on the VRV IV please contact us on 0845 319 1980. 

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