CAC-Commercial. A1class R410A

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 Universal Commercial Outdoor Air to Air Heat Pumps  
One to One,  Synchro and DX-AHU

(2.5kW - 25kW) A1 class non-flammable R410A

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LG Universal Commercial Outdoor Heat Pumps Range (CAC) cover a wide range (2.5 - 25kW) highly efficient systems for Retail, Offices, Computer Rooms, Restaurants etc.
- Can be used as a One to One with an extensive range of indoor units (Cassettes, Concealed, Wall and Floor).
- Can be used as a Synchro application serving 2, 3 or 4 indoor units (Cassette or Concealed).
- Can be used with AHU DX coils. All with full interface with Central or BMS control systems.  

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One to One - Synchro (Twin, Triple, Quad) - AHU      Features










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